The story

By Lindholm takes the step out in the adult world when launching the new
wallpaper collection INSPIRED. –The company was established in 2010
because I couldn´t find any wallpaper for my children. As a designer,
you are constantly looking for new challenges and after many years in
fashion industry I wanted to move on to something new.

This resulted in KOMPIS – a brand that stands for a clear idiom, with strong,
but not garish colors and motives that appeal to children´s imagination.
The name KOMPIS means FRIEND and comes from finding out that so many
of us still remember our childhood wallpaper and as children we develop
a relationship with our wallpaper – we become friends with it!
Click here to see KOMPIS!

-Regarding wallpapers to the rest of the house, there is an
enormous range, but still I felt that I had
something new to contribute. Wallpaper is my
new passion and I am in this business to
stay, says Jenny Lindholm with a smile.